2nd wish completed :)

I always wanted a tattoo, the only problem that I had was choosing the best suited body part for it and also the tattoo. I wanted one on the arm, but I had some doubts that the arm was not big enough.

I was impressed by the one that David Duchovny had, the first time I saw him in Californication. I wanted one:) Last week as I was walking through the streets I saw a tattoo studio, went in and asked if they can do a ring tattoo. It can be done, the girl replied, but on the inner part of the finger it will fade faster that in the outer part. I still wanted one.

Now I had two of them on my mind.

Went home, searched for a design, searched some more, apparently there aren’t that many ring tattoo designs from which to pick. Also searched for a studio with good reviews, called them, asked about the ring one and they invited me to the studio to have a talk.

Unfortunately the ring was not a good tattoo to start with, because it could end up not being a perfect one, taking into consideration many reasons. I wanted the first one to be the right one.

Here I am now, waiting for my turn on the on the artist’s chair 🙂

And here is the work after 2 hours.

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4 Responses to 2nd wish completed :)

  1. Cosmin says:

    Wow dude, I have three of them, but none so obvious. What possessed you to ink your forearm, of all places? It’s BIG and it’s very visible. If that was the plan, it worked.
    Kudos nonetheless, and yes I am in the country. Buy me a beer and I’ll show you mine 😉

  2. Elvis says:

    It was either that or a japanese garden on my back. Dude … I’m 1.88, I have long arms, long legs, ….. I couldn’t go small :)).
    Unfortunately I’m not, the next visit should be in about 1.5 – 2 months from now. See you then 🙂

  3. un pirat says:

    Got one while I was dead drunk in bar. All I mumbled out was: Filip, try not to ink a pair of tits!

    Back to you, personally I don’t like text, but it’s your skin, not mine 🙂

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