I decided to write my wishlist for this year. I know that it’s not the begging of the year, but who needs a specific day to begin something? Start it when you feel it’s the right moment for it. My wishlist is different, because it’s mine 🙂 The items will be set as keywords, in order for me to remember them, but only written down completely after  they are done.

It’s something like, secret tasks that go public.

So the list is:

  1. Get into StartupBootcamp in Dublin.
  2. Get a tattoo in Dublin
  3. Raise money for MavenHut
  4. Romania D
  5. Romania D
  6. 500K DAU in one title
  7. Take weight
  8. Visit Amsterdam
  9. Visit US
  10. 50 B
  11. ….

Hell, I’ll even write it before if you can figure out what they are 🙂

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